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In order to increase local content utilization, government is giving incentives to Contractor of Cooperation Contract such as tax incentive.  

The increasing global competition requires every country to improve its industry competitiveness with efficient management, qualified product, competitive price, and excellence service in its competition with other country. The government of Indonesia is increasing goods and services in oil and gas upstream sector. The Contractor of Cooperation Contract expenditure in 2014 was US$ 19.916 billion. From this value, the goods and services procurement was US$ 17,354 billion with 54% of local content.

The government is going to terminate 41 oil and gas cooperation contracts, mostly exploration working areas, which cannot meet the commitment.

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Based on Announcement Number 018.Pm/72/SJN/2014 dated 17 December on Open Selection of Echelon I (Jabatan Pimpinan Tinggi Madya) and Announcement Number 0001.Pm/72/SJN/2015 dated 13 January 2015 on Extension of Open Selection of Echelon I (Jabatan Pimpinan Tinggi Madya), it is announced that until 19 January 2015, applicants passing administration selection and going the next stage are as listed in the annex of this announcement.
Government will revise Minister of Energy and Mineral Regulation Number 19 Year 2009 on Gas through Pipeline Business. This revision is aimed at disciplining gas distribution business. It is now regulated that gas distribution business should have infrastructure.
Open selection for Echelon I MEMR was participated by 110 applicants. Thirty one of them meet the requirement for Assessment process next week.
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